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The Last Friend is a tower-defense Beat ’em-up hybrid that will keep players having fun while inmerse in a multi-tasking experience that merges strategy and action for all those dog-lover players out there!

badge My Buddies
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  • Over 20 doggos to help you out!
  • Fast-paced fighting mechanics
  • Dynamic comic style and animations
  • Multi-tasking Experience
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  • A PC or a Console of your choice digital copy of the game. Get it one day before release date. Official Release: TBA.
  • If you pick the PC copy, you can buddy up with us to become an Official Tester, and get the “You are The Good Boi” Digital Badge Steam Icon. Testing program for backers will start at the end of July 2019. You need to send an email of intent to, stating you want to become an official tester.
  • Your name in the credits as an official tester for The Last Friend. You need to successfully complete 4 testing sessions of at least 2 hours each in orderto earn the reward.
  • Steam’s Closed Early Beta Access