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"The Last Friend looks like a visually-striking fusion of Plants vs. Zombies and Streets of Rage"

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What's special about our game:

The Last Friend is a tower-defense Beat ’em-up hybrid that will keep players having fun while inmerse in a multi-tasking experience that merges strategy and action for all those dog-lover players out there!

project 1


He is the main character of the story, a loner traveling across the world rescuing dogs and pursuing those who want to eat them.

Quiet and rarely speaking to great extent, he is a very adept engineer constantly building practical machines for defense and offense to survive the perils of this new world.

As a mutant himself he is quite resilient, with uncanny strength and stamina, enabling him to channel the power of the dogs he rescues as his own.

project 2


The dog serves as the mechanist for the van, helping Alpha with upgrades and turret building.

He has a sarcastic and cynical attitude constantly commenting on the “clever” things enemies come up with or their poor judgement. He is the Alfred to Alpha’s Batman.

project 3

Name giver Lupe

She is a kind and loving old lady, a voyager travelling across the world in an old fashioned caravan.

She welcomes Alpha into her home but is particularly please to see the dogs (because by this time they are definitely a rare sight).

After the first visit she encourages Alpha to name the dogs in order to strengthen the bond between them and thus making them stronger.

Using a special brew Lupe can make the tastiest Dog Treats, that allows the dogs to upgrade.

project 4

Basic Dude

So basic they don’t deserve a description.

project 5

Big Bro

The douches douche of them all. Sporting the perfect tan.

No brain, just pure brutal force. Slams the ground to deliver a powerful attack, dealing heavy (siege) damage and stunning enemies.

project 6


This Kamikaze enemies set themselves on fire to destroy anything in their way, either enemy or turret. Life is short better to end it with a Bang.

project 7


The heroes are forced to make a full stop at the MOUNTAIN PASS, a narrow road at the bottom of the canyon and the only access to the desert. A perfect spot for a very “Basic” ambush.

project 8


Basics and Mixer engage in a ferocious battle against Alpha, as the heroes try to cross the desert. A new enemy enters the field: the Big Bro, not the smartest of the bunch but one that can definitely give one heck of a fight.

project 9

The Gate

A sole bridge leads the way into the Demolition Capital of the world, the fiery city of ST. PETROL. The heroes have fight their way through hordes of enemies as well as a literal firewall.

project 10


Woof blep bork woof woof blep blop blop bork boof.

project 11


Woof blep bork woof woof blep blop blop bork boof.

project 12

German Shepherd

Woof blep bork woof woof blep blop blop bork boof.

  • project 1


    A mixture between Chuck Norris and Mad Max

  • project 2

    T. Juan

    Alpha’s best friend

  • project 3


    Name giver

  • project 10



  • project 11



  • project 12

    German Shepherd


  • project 4

    Basic Dude

    Basic enemy

  • project 5

    Big Bro

    Heavy enemy

  • project 6


    Living for the moment

  • project 7


    Mountain Pass

  • project 8


    Basics and Mixer engage

  • project 9

    The Gate

    Into the Demolition Capital


team 1

Fast-paced fighting mechanics

team 1

Dynamic comic style and animations

team 1

Multi-Taskig Experience

Become our Last Friend

Resources are getting slim by the minute, help us saving a dog at a time in our game.


  • Dog Food (Necesary for development)

  • Dog Love

  • Game progress (in our hearts)

  • Late Night Work Energy left

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